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To bring the world of Luxury to Our Members at the best price possible!

Here at Royalty Travel Solutions, we believe that you have the right to enjoy the finer things in life. This means Exotic Automobiles, Private jet planes, helicopter tours, Wild African Safaris, and elegant European cruises just for you at a price you can afford. Why wait until it is too late to enjoy the Luxury that life has to offer. With your Royalty Luxury Tours membership, you are guaranteed to save money every time you book. Unlike other tour companies, we extend the amazing prices that we negotiate directly to you. That is why we know that you will save money no matter when or where you go. With Royalty Luxury Tours you never have to worry about pricing or having to negotiate a better deal, as your concierge has already done that for you.

About Us
About Us
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Live Your Life in Luxury

With your Royalty Luxury Tours membership, you never have to wait to take advantage of these amazing deals. Maybe it is just a weekend getaway in your home state, or an amazing car upgrade on your next business trip. The unmatched Luxury is just a call away.

Our highly trained experienced team is here and ready to help you ‘upgrade‘ your Luxury to live the life you have always wanted, and the lifestyle that you deserve.

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