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The Best Luxury Membership Available

You deserve to live your life with Luxury, all we do is make it happen. Have you ever wondered why all those people you see drive amazing cars, cruising on incredible yachts, or taking fantastic trips of a lifetime are all having so much fun?
The answer is simple, they just know how to do it.
With a Royalty Luxury Tours Membership, you too can live like the rich and famous but without the added cost. 

Our team here at Royalty Luxury Tours works hard for you, to get you the best deals possible on whatever tour, trip, or excursion you want to go on. We have partnered with the best Luxury Tour companies in the world to get you the best pricing.

You pay what we pay, there is never an upcharge or a surcharge from us to you. The amazing deals we get are just extended to you, think of other membership programs like Costco or American Express that work to get you the best deals. 

Give us a call today and speak with one of our Travel Advisors to see how we can get you connected to a Life of Luxury.

Initial Membership Cost
$3,495 USD (one time fee)

One Time
Sign Up Fee

$249.00 USD / Annual Renewal Fee


We Bring the Luxury to You

With Royalty Luxury Tours you can always afford to add Luxury to your vacation. Why wait until you are too old to enjoy the finer things in life? With Royalty Luxury Tours, we get you the Luxury you want, when you want it.

African Safari Royalty Luxury Tours
Luxury you can afford Every time you travel

Enjoy Luxury Whenever You Travel

Our Concierge Team is here to help you ‘Luxury Up’ Your Trip with just one call

Experienced Advisors

You are in good hands with our 24/7 call center team who are ready to help you add Luxury to your trip

Affordable Price

Never overpay! You pay what we pay and our buyers are always looking for the best deals

24/7 Support

Our Customer Support is second to nobody. We are here for you so you are never traveling alone

All this Luxury for only $249 USD per year. Subscribe today and start using your membership right away.

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