New Trends In Luxury Travel, What Are The Rich Asking For?

Destinations that offer security guarantees, open spaces, nature, private villas, pop-up hotels, and philanthropic trips are some of the trends that the rich demand.

Nowadays, clients seek advice from a travel agency to streamline the procedures that they can choose from a range of proposals for destinations that offer security and are easily accessible. With the pandemic and the rise of concern for the well-being of the environment, new trends in luxury travel have been born.

The most popular destinations | open spaces and nature

The first post-pandemic destination was clearly the Maldives, from there other destinations such as Costa Rica or Africa (Kenya, Tanzania) were opened, and they have been sold due to the flexibility of the conditions to enter the country. Now more than ever, travelers value open spaces that allow them more freedom.

National parks and nature allow clients to do multiple recreational activities and get to know the world in a relaxed way. In addition, open spaces allow you to avoid wearing a mask but at the same time give a sense of security that enables enjoyment.

Private villas with all the comforts of a hotel

The search for security and privacy is another of the new trends in Premium travel. The private villas offer all the comforts of a hotel without losing an iota of independence.

It is a perfect plan to travel with the whole family or with friends in exclusive and private places. Stay in a luxury house, very spacious and with assistance service 24 hours a day.

Pop-Up Hotels, a new way of traveling

Other novelties are the ‘nomadic hotels’ or the so-called pop-up hotels. These are spaces that are created from prefabricated structures on a certain site and that are only available for a certain time and for guests who pay to have this exclusivity.

These types of hotels are not only looking for multi-day events to attend. Now, they settle in locations where a conventional hotel cannot access, such as in the middle of a national park in Iceland to observe the northern lights or cross the dunes of a desert.

They offer you a unique experience not only because of the peculiarity of its spaces (bubbles, shops, and even ship containers), but also because of the location and personalization of both the meals, the staff, and the excursions.

Pop-up hotels are also characterized by their commitment to the environment, since they are enclosures made with recycled materials and that do not leave a trace once they disappear, thus avoiding contamination of the area.

Philanthropic travel

Along with the interest in sustainable travel has also come philanthropic travel. Apart from living the experience with all the luxuries and comforts, they allow you to learn more about the culture of each place.

They go beyond the tourist component and are for travelers who want to help the causes in which they believe. For example, visiting a game reserve in South Africa and donating money for its conservation and animal welfare to avoid poachers.

This trend has already gained great popularity in the United States. In Europe, it is not yet fully installed, although in northern countries some travel agencies hold auctions with their clients. The money raised goes to charitable projects such as the creation of schools in African countries or the maintenance of animal reserves.

Long weekend getaways

Another prominent destination this summer has been Greece and other European cities where customers have been able to enjoy the authentic city thanks to the lack of tourists. Long weekend getaways are also making a comeback. They are closer destinations that allow us to rediscover cities in our neighboring countries, something that has a special charm.

Private planes and boats

The new trends in luxury travel also imply a change in the transport that is chosen. There has been a considerable increase in private jet and boat bookings. In this way, passengers avoid sharing space with other people and can choose their own schedules. It must be borne in mind that on a trip what you are looking for is comfort and a dreamy and differentiated experience.

The importance of sustainability and changes in hotels

One trend that is booming is that of sustainable travel. At this point, the agencies are prescribing to present the client with the most respectful options.

It is very important that the client is shown all those options that he does not know and that promote more environmentally friendly trips. The tandem between agencies and hotels allows us to live unique experiences and, at the same time, contribute to projects that help the fauna and flora of the place we are going to visit.

The coronavirus has highlighted the importance of agencies when it comes to providing advice. Many countries have introduced different restrictions, opened and closed borders, changed entry requirements, etc.

New trends in luxury travel also evolve and undergo changes. Even so, the pandemic has created a very specific mentality and way of traveling, where nature, open spaces and the feeling of freedom prevail. In addition, from the looks of it, this preference has come to stay.

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